frequently asked questions

Don’t be afraid to poke around – we’re likely new to one another and this is one way you can start to get to know me. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for here, feel free to ask me.

General Questions:

Why should I choose you?

I’m not only passionate about my work, but I’m honest about what I charge, I’m ethical in my approach and I value similar characteristics in others.

I enjoy being an asset that my customers can count on – an extension of their team – and find energy and enjoyment from working collaboratively.

I really love what I do, and I believe it shows in the quality, passion and craftsmanship of my work.  I’ve been in this industry for more than twenty years so I have a unique perspective and can give a unique voice to nearly any endeavor.

I have an established brand: can you match my look and feel?

Absolutely. I work a wide variety of clients; some who have been in business for many years and others who are just getting started. My initial steps of process are all about getting to know you and your existing identity so that we can create the very best end result, whether that’s something entirely new or something that follows an existing look and feel.

Do you require project approval before work begins?

Yes.  I do required review, consent to working terms and your approval on the project scope before I start working.  The project estimate is basically a contract of our agreed upon goals and it outlines the full scope of work you’ve requested.  It helps us both be on the same page.  Don’t worry, I make my estimates as straight-forward and simple as possible.

What's the best way to communicate with you?

I’m most readily available via email, but am more than happy to set up a phone call at a date / time that is convenient for us both.

Do you only work with Minnesota based companies?

No way! 🙂  Cre8ive Options, LLC is registered in the State of Minnesota and proudly serves North Mankato, Mankato, Greater Minneapolis and surrounding cities with graphic design and internet marketing services.  But, I certainly don’t stop there.

In fact, over two-thirds of my business is transacted with awesome merchants, partnering developers and B2B customers located from Hawaii, to New Jersey to California and everywhere in-between.

Website and Logo:

How long does it take to (re)design a website?

It depends – typically WordPress sites can be completed in 4-6 weeks.

eCommerce Web Designs however depend on the scope of work and are largely affected by the speed of communications and often the collection of required information.  Basically the more prepared you are for the project and the more available you are to parse through the back and forth changes, the quicker the process goes.  I’ve completed entire designs in a few weeks time and some projects have lasted well into a year.

But don’t worry, once we agree on the project details, we’ll set some realistic expectations for delivery.

How should I prepare for my project scope of work?

If you are asking this question, then you get the bright, golden, and shimmering  star award!! It’s very important that you think about the perimeters of the job you are asking me to accomplish for you.  Yes it’s my honor to be creative on your behalf, but whether you think you do or not, you have expectations, hopes and ideas about the end result of your project.  In order for me to achieve a result that meets (hopefully exceeds those) I need to hear feedback from you in certain areas.

I have questionnaires for many project types that are constructed to illicit information from you that you might not think relevant or necessary – answer them anyway 🙂 You’d be surprised what I can glean from a combination of your ‘unnecessary’ answers.

On the flip side if you really don’t know what you want, it’s going to be difficult for us to give you ‘what you want’.

What type of files will I receive for my product/s?

The short answer is that I prepare final files for the intended product’s use ONLY.

For example: if you are purchasing a product designed for print, then high resolution files will be created utilizing the appropriate software solution for your project. Once the project rounds of revisions are meet and the project is approved, I’ll provide you with a single final print ready file for your use: in the majority of cases this is a print ready pdf or jpg at 300 dpi.

For custom logos I provide a complete set of web and print ready files that can be used for any application or use.

Web products are created for their intended use: on the web. As such, web files are conceptualized, drafted and created at the standard 72 dpi resolution.

If you have special needs for your projects or you require ‘native file formats’ of your project work, please discuss this desire at the conception of your project so that I can make sure to accommodate all of your requested in the most beneficial way.

Do 'native file' formats costs more?

Native file formats are included with some design projects.  Logos and website design items both include some native files for use and implementation once the project is approved.  If you have questions about receiving native files, please make sure to let me know so I can review that together at the onset of your project.

Can I maintain my own website?

In most cases this questions comes from someone who’s having a WordPress website created and certainly you can easily make changes, updates, add/delete pages, content and photos from your own site.

If you’re new to WordPress and feel like a little training would go a long way, we can include that in your scope of work.  If you feel out of your element and would rather leave the maintenance and updates to me, I can do that too. 😉

For more technical changes, I suggest you contact me unless you know what you’re doing.

Pricing Questions:

What type of payment terms do you offer?

Project payment schedules are based on the approved scope of work and time frame though customarily, I require a deposit of at least half the projected costs up front.

Project estimates $1,000 and less require full payment before work begins.

I accept credit cards through PayPal, or certified/bank issued checks by mail (please note: work does not begin until the required deposits have been fully processed).  If you have a question about my billing process, please send an email to [email protected]

Do you require payment for work to start?

Yes I do.  We both have equity invested in your projects from the get go; I invest with my experience, expertise, time, resources and effort and you with yours.  The payment terms are dependent on the work you request.  If in doubt the payment terms are always available on your work order estimate or just ask 🙂

Can you accommodate rush orders?

In the event that you need something ASAP = in less than 3 business days time, the rush fee is double the regular hourly rate.  It’s always best to bring that up in advance, since my ability to provide rush services is also dependent on the current work queue.

What is your hourly rate for design services?

My open rate for graphic design services is $85/hr.

WordPress and eCommerce rates are quoted according to their specific need.

Do you ever give discounts?

I proudly offer discounted rates for non-profit and not-for-profit organization and also occasionally take on supportive pro-bono work for charity and good-will causes.  If you have questions about rates please send me an inquiry to [email protected]

Does it cost to ask questions via phone or email?

Communications during a project are to be expected and are included in the proposed project scope.  Simple questions outside of our agreed scope that require less than 5 minutes of my time are generally considered free.  That being said, I appreciate you’re understanding that my time is best used working on the items in my queue.  Questions that involve extra research, lengthy responses, or generally ‘eat up’ valuable design time will be charged at my open rate of $85/hr